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Personalized and Compassionate Service

Prime Medical Transport provides non-emergency local and long-distance patient transportation to and from medical appointments, social events, and errands. We offer private pick-ups at your home as well as nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, hospice facilities, palliative care facilities, or other locations as specified in your reservation.


Our highly-trained, professional, and courteous drivers will meet you in uniform with an ID displaying their picture and name.

Our drivers are available to wait for you during your appointment for an additional charge. We promptly arrive to pick you up and escort you to the transportation vehicle for your return trip.


Have questions on cost or our services? Contact us and we'll be happy to provide a quote and more information.

Ambulatory Transport

Our ambulatory clients are capable of walking to and from our vehicles with or without the assistance of a cane or walker.


Our drivers escort our customers from their home to the transportation vehicle and from the vehicle into their doctor’s office or other requested location. We provide the same level of care for the return trip.

Wheelchair Transport

Our wheelchair-bound clients need a little more assistance by requiring a wheelchair during transport as well as push assistance to and from our vehicles.


If requested, we will provide up to two riders to assist you on your trip.

Stretcher Transport

We provide a stretcher for our clients who need extra comfort or those unable to sit upright for the duration of the trip. One EMT professional will remain with you during your trip.


If requested, we will provide one rider to assist you on your trip.


Cape Cod:  508-258-3787

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